Mickey Taylor and Paul Walker


Staxus says: Paul Walker and Mickey Taylor head for the sand-dunes to catch some rays. Young sex-god Paul is already in the mood for a wank. Paul like most boys his age thinks about cock morning, noon and night, and Mickey isn’t at all perturbed at the sight of his buddy yanking his dick out to give it a well-deserved tug.

In no time at all Mickey’s helping his over-sexed mate out. Paul promptly responds in kind. The result is a fantastic session of outdoor cock-sucking that we all know can only lead to one thing very quickly. Read the full story here

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Hot young black teen boy River Wilson big cock splits Ron Negba smooth white asshole

Men for Men Blog River-Wilson-Ron-Negba-interracial-hot-young-black-teen-boy-big-cock-smooth-white-asshole-Staxus-001-gay-porn-pictures-gallery Hot young black teen boy River Wilson big cock splits Ron Negba smooth white asshole Staxus

Staxus says: In an industry that is stereotyped by a surfeit of so-called young, dumb blonds, River Wilson stands out from the crowd. Not only is he striking to look at, sat here in nothing more than a pair of jocks, with a grin that stretches from ear to ear, but he’s also an articulate bastard; and you might almost feel an element of disappointment when Ron Negba enters the fray to bring Wilson’s monopoly to an end. Well, almost!

In reality, of course, Negba’s arrival underlines the contrast that serves as the heartbeat to this magnificent encounter; with their ebony and ivory flesh jostling for attention as they take it in turns to splurge on each other’s aching dicks. Read the full story here

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Young naked dudes Tom Nutt and Chad Johnstone hardcore butt fucking


Staxus says: Two young doctors are studying the human cardiovascular system, but it’s quite obvious from the off that there’s only one part of the male anatomy that really interests either of these hot buddies.

Fortunately for both Tom Nutt and Chad Johnstone, there’s more than ample opportunity here to quit the boring medical chart that they’re taking a look at and to put their detailed carnal knowledge into practice instead, a task that both lads grab with both hands, not to mention their mouths. Read the full story here

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Lucius York and Connor Levi


Staxus says: A little lube-enhanced foot-play adds to the charge of the encounter, but it’s not long before Connor Levi is thrusting his engorged dick deep into Lucius York’s hungry little ass hole an act that appears to release the hidden slut in the horny bottom, who then promptly engages in a whole series of positions in an effort to gain the satisfaction that he’s clearly craving.

See Lucius York and Connor Levi fucking here! Read the full story here

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Marcel Lavrov and Ariel Varga


Staxus says: Marcel Lavrov abandons his aerobics on a workbench so that he can persuade Ariel Varga to engage in a one-to-one session away from the other guys. Before long Marcel’s stripping his buddy’s clothes and inviting him to suck on his thick, meaty dick that he’s got stuffed in his gym shorts.

The way the young lad gives head seems only to confirm our greatest suspicions, namely that this is a hardcore slut in the making. Ariel and Marcel then engage in some kinky toy-play. Read the full story here

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Noah Matous drops his Pump briefs to his ankles and wanks his huge young boy uncut cock


Staxus says: Having seen Noah Matous, pretty much suck and fuck every boy twink cock in Prague or so it seems it’s quite refreshing to see the kid kick back on one of his lazy days and enjoy a bit of time to himself.

Cue a fantastic jerk off solo wank session that sees the boy proudly showing off every beautiful inch of his body ultimately culminating in him stripping off naked dropping his Pump briefs to his ankles and working that gorgeously huge young boy uncut cock of his for all that it’s worth. Read the full story here

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Hot newbie twink Adrian Bennet’s smooth pink asshole fucked hard by Vittorio Vega’s big boy dick

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Staxus says: There’s a first time for everything, of course; and even the most legendary of gay porn stars has to start out somewhere.

Not that we’re claiming new boy, Adrian Bennet, is especially destined for greatness, but what better stepping-stone to stardom could there be for the fellow than a horny duet with the truly amazing, Vittorio Vega?

And indeed, this young blond punk grasps opportunity with both hands, not to mention an open mouth, as he sinks to his knees to gobble away on Vega’s handsome, uncut schlong; indulging in every thick inch that our stalwart has to offer, before Vega himself returns the compliment as if to show the rookie how it should be done. Read the full story here

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Mark Fontana’s big thick twink dick fucks Lucas Drake’s smooth asshole

Staxus says: It’s breakfast-time at the mission house, and the boys are not unnaturally very hungry; but for Mark Fontana and Lucas Drake it’s an appetite of a much more carnal nature that’s concentrating their attention. So much so that at the first opportunity they’re snogging each other’s faces off and ripping off their clothes.

Of course, anyone who knows these boys would never expect anything less; and it will come as little surprise to see fall to his knees in order to worship his pal’s succulent, uncut shaft and beautiful low-hangers. Nor will anyone be particularly amazed to see Drake returning the favor, feasting on Fontana’s nicely curved ramrod and acting out the bitch. Read the full story here

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Mike Cole fucks teen bottom boy Bjorn Nykvist’s tight smooth asshole

Staxus says: Pity young Mike Cole. He really is trying his damn hardest to study, but all to no avail.

Fact is there’s just too many distractions to keep his head in his book, as opposed to his hand in his pants, not least of all the African statuette with a big, black dick.

Valiantly he decides to take a piss and a shower in one final bid to maintain his resolve, only to find himself promptly interrupted by none other than his good buddy, Bjorn Nykvist.

At which point, of course, any remaining hope of maintaining his resolve is finally destroyed. Read the full story here

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