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Men for Men Blog Sean-Cody-Archie-Sean-Young-hottie-bareback-fucks-sexy-bubble-butt-asshole-SeanCody-001-gay-porn-pics-gallery Young hottie Sean Cody Archie bareback fucks Sean's sexy bubble butt asshole Sean Cody

Sean Cody says: After getting kinky while watching the perfect sunset, boyish cutie Archie and toned hunk Sean sit down for a little chat before going back into the bedroom. “So, Archie how did you like our little walk to the sunset?” asks brown-haired Sean.

“It was beautiful, especially when you have a hot guy to warm you up. Did it turn you on at all? ” replies athletic Archie.

“Yeah, it did. I like PDA; I like to do stuff in public,” answers Sean. “I know it turns you on that someone could walk out and see you at any moment. They could freak out, but I don’t give a fuck,” explains Archie. Read the full story here

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Sean Cody says: Sexy young muscle hunk Tanner slips his inquisitive tongue deep between nude muscular dude Duncan’s tight bubble butt cheeks. He rims his man hole getting it nice and wet for his raw cock.

Once fully lubed Tanner slides his hard erect dick into Duncan’s hot bare asshole. Pumping away, Tanner bareback ass fucks Duncan in long slow strokes. His bare cock slipping deeper and deeper till his balls slap against Duncan’s ass cheeks.

The raw ass fucking continues until both muscle boys are close to their orgasms. Then in a quick fire round, first Tanner then Duncan unloads his balls right across each other. Ending in a hot sticky mess. Read the full story here

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Sean Cody says: Young sexy muscle bottom boy Porter opens his tight raw ass wide for muscle stud Brandon’s hard bare cock.

Brandon bareback fucks Porter till both muscle guys are on the edge of orgasm. First one then the other blows their huge cumload across each other.

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Sean Cody Brysen and Nixon deep bareback anal ass fucking

Sean Cody says: Ever since Nixon came to us back in September, we knew we had to get that ass of his fucked at some point. Who better to do the deed than big-dicked Brysen, a newbie just like himself.

Nixon was a little nervous, but after a nice hike in the great outdoors, he was ready to take some dick.

Brysen tried to ease his mind, “I’ll be gentle to start.” He smirked.

This goes without saying, but Nixon enjoyed every inch of that dick.

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Naked all American boy Alexander

Sean Cody says: “You have a lot of hair.” “Yeah I know.” Alexander replied with a laugh. “You should have seen me as a kid. It was out of control.” Alexander is a new arrival to southern California, he’s an east coast transplant.

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He recently moved here here with his friend, and both of them have started looking for modeling jobs. “Everyone keeps telling me that I should move to LA if I want to make it,” he said, crunching up his nose in an obvious expression of distaste. Read the full story here

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Sean Cody says: The chemistry between sexy muscle boys Shaw and Dean is really great. They’re both clearly very handsome, but also extremely silly, so we took them to the great outdoors for some friendly sparring to encourage their playful nature.

“No cock punching! That’s my job, I do all the cock punching.” Shaw joked.

It obviously wasn’t a joke, but Dean definitely wasn’t opposed to it.

“Shaw, who’s the winner?” We were curious to hear his response. Read the full story here

Hot young muscled dudes Sean Cody Archie and Riley big raw cock bareback ass fucking

Men for Men Blog Archie-Riley-hot-young-muscled-dudes-big-raw-cock-bareback-ass-fucking-SeanCody-001-gay-porn-pictures-gallery Hot young muscled dudes Sean Cody Archie and Riley big raw cock bareback ass fucking Sean Cody

Sean Cody says: Super-hunk Riley and dapper, young Archie have spent the day in the park playing catch, but now these two are back in the bedroom and ready to heat things up.

“So, how was the outing at the park today?” dark-haired Archie asks shy-guy Riley, “It was fun! You know, trying to teach you how to catch.” Archie laughs, “well, you’re the one who’s the catcher, but maybe I will be one day.”

“Hey,” freckled Riley replies, “like I said, all you need is a little practice.” Turns out that ripped Riley has had plenty of practice as a ‘catcher,’ and which those beautiful, firm cheeks who could resist him. Read the full story here

Raunchiest bottom Lane gets his hot ass fucked by Nathan’s big dick


Sean Cody says: “Lane, you are getting quite the reputation around here.” “Oh yeah? In what way?” “For being one of our raunchiest bottoms!” Lane smiled and started to laugh a bit. “I can’t help it! I like it!”

Lane really has pushed the envelope and I knew he would help Nathan open up a bit. Nathan has done a couple films, but I always thought there was more to him hiding in there somewhere.

“I’m shy at first, but I think I’m slowly getting more comfortable!” “So are you going to let your freak flag fly today?” I asked He smirked a little. “Yeah. I think so!” Read the full story here