Bareback fucking with Coner and Brandon

Sean Cody says: “My boyfriend is gonna be so jealous when he hears who I’m working with today.” Coner said. He was clearly excited. “You know he can suck his own dick?”

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I said, nodding toward Coner. Brandon’s eyes got wide. “No way.” he said, turning his head. “For real?” Coner blushed a little.

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Sean Cody says: Sexy young muscle hunk Brody’s big shoulders, well developed chest and huge arm muscles are a gay man’s dream physique. The cock bulge in his thin white shorts belies his nice sized cock. Dropping his shorts to his ankles, Brody jerks it intensely until he works up a head of steam. He blows his huge muscle cum load across his rippling six pack abs.

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Sean’s tight muscular asshole bareback fucked by Jess’ massive cock


Sean Cody says: We were really excited to get these two big-dicked models together for a scene. In fact, Jess and Sean probably have the biggest dicks on Sean Cody.

You would think there would be some sort of competition between them, but admiration took over instead. When Sean revealed what he had hidden in his shorts, Jess was completely shocked.

“That’s you soft? Oh man, I can’t wait to see this get big!”

After a nice, long walk in nature, these two stallions headed back for some real action and did not disappoint. Sean keeps impressing us as a bottom. He definitely knows how to take it deep especially Jess’s huge cock. Read the full story here

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Sean Cody Blake and Lane hardcore bareback ass fucking flip flop


Sean Cody says: Blake has been wondering when he would top again, and here it is. He was really excited to just start pounding Lane’s little ass. Even though both men are bottoms, it doesn’t mean they can’t fuck. Lane had an idea, “I think we should flip!” Blake was intrigued, but still wanted to make sure Lane knew he would be the bitch bottom, “I’d be down with that. I might even top a little bit more.” Lane wasn’t complaining one bit. Read the full story here

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Sean Cody says: Stunningly beautiful young muscle dude Dominic has a smooth muscled upper body, great pecs you could suck on those nipples forever. Down below he’s got hairy legs and a slim long cock with a trimmed hairy pubic bush. Turning Dominic around just get your tongue between those lightly hairy butt cheeks, part them and expose his tight straight man hole.

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Smooth ripped muscle dude Ross


Sean Cody says: Young muscle boy Ross strips off his shirt revealing a slightly furry chest and a developing six pack set of abs.

As he drops his shorts Ross’ curved dick comes into view. An average sized cock with a bend in it. Ross starts to jerk it until his soft cock is rock hard and erect.

He turns over to lie on his stomach, showing off his hairy butt cheeks and pink asshole as well as the soles of his feet.

Lying on his back again, Ross wanks his cock till he is on the edge of his orgasm. With a few tight jerks cum spurts forth as he empties the full cum contents of his tight balls over his stomach and chest. What a cumshot. Read the full story here

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