FraternityX Sunday Funday


Fraternity X says: We caught Tyler spanking it to our porn videos. Its not secret the little house bitch likes getting gang-banged. This dude does a hit of poppers and you can’t get a dick up far enough. His cries are screams of pleasure. So we duct taped his mouth shut. Fucked his dumb ass while watching the game.

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Fraternity X horny frat-boys fuck

Fraternity X says: Tyler loves to sniff the poppers. Dudes always trying to hit the bottle when he’s a got a dick up his ass. We all like to get a little buzzed. But this dudes always dropping the damn bottle. Party foul! We we pinned his ass down and tied him up. Busted this kid a new hole.

See Fraternity X horny frat-boys fuck here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

See Fraternity X horny frat-boys fuck here!

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Frat Bro Gang Bang (Donny Forza, Damion and Alex Tag-Team Tyler Sky) (Bareback)


FraternityX says: Me and the boys (Donny Forza, Damion and Alex) were watching some chicks wrestling on TV and having some beers but it got lame and since frat brother Tyler Sky was here I decided to make him suck my cock.

And even though he whines like a bitch when we do it, I know he fuckin loves it, so we taped his mouth and hands and took turns slamming his hole.

We all blew a load and we still got to watch the match lol.

See frat bro gang bang (Donny Forza, Damion and Alex Tag-Team Tyler Sky) (Bareback) here!


FraternityX-Donny-Forza-Damion-Alex-wrestling-frat-brother-Tyler-Sky-suck-cock-bitch-fucking-rimming-ass-cumload-fraternity-boys-003-gay-porn-sex-gallery-pics-video-photoFraternityX-Donny-Forza-Damion-Alex-wrestling-frat-brother-Tyler-Sky-suck-cock-bitch-fucking-rimming-ass-cumload-fraternity-boys-004-gay-porn-sex-gallery-pics-video-photoFraternityX-Donny-Forza-Damion-Alex-wrestling-frat-brother-Tyler-Sky-suck-cock-bitch-fucking-rimming-ass-cumload-fraternity-boys-005-gay-porn-sex-gallery-pics-video-photoFraternityX-Donny-Forza-Damion-Alex-wrestling-frat-brother-Tyler-Sky-suck-cock-bitch-fucking-rimming-ass-cumload-fraternity-boys-006-gay-porn-sex-gallery-pics-video-photoFraternityX-Donny-Forza-Damion-Alex-wrestling-frat-brother-Tyler-Sky-suck-cock-bitch-fucking-rimming-ass-cumload-fraternity-boys-007-gay-porn-sex-gallery-pics-video-photoFraternityX-Donny-Forza-Damion-Alex-wrestling-frat-brother-Tyler-Sky-suck-cock-bitch-fucking-rimming-ass-cumload-fraternity-boys-008-gay-porn-sex-gallery-pics-video-photoFraternityX-Donny-Forza-Damion-Alex-wrestling-frat-brother-Tyler-Sky-suck-cock-bitch-fucking-rimming-ass-cumload-fraternity-boys-009-gay-porn-sex-gallery-pics-video-photoFraternityX-Donny-Forza-Damion-Alex-wrestling-frat-brother-Tyler-Sky-suck-cock-bitch-fucking-rimming-ass-cumload-fraternity-boys-010-gay-porn-sex-gallery-pics-video-photoFraternityX-Donny-Forza-Damion-Alex-wrestling-frat-brother-Tyler-Sky-suck-cock-bitch-fucking-rimming-ass-cumload-fraternity-boys-011-gay-porn-sex-gallery-pics-video-photoFraternityX-Donny-Forza-Damion-Alex-wrestling-frat-brother-Tyler-Sky-suck-cock-bitch-fucking-rimming-ass-cumload-fraternity-boys-012-gay-porn-sex-gallery-pics-video-photoFraternityX-Donny-Forza-Damion-Alex-wrestling-frat-brother-Tyler-Sky-suck-cock-bitch-fucking-rimming-ass-cumload-fraternity-boys-013-gay-porn-sex-gallery-pics-video-photoFraternityX-Donny-Forza-Damion-Alex-wrestling-frat-brother-Tyler-Sky-suck-cock-bitch-fucking-rimming-ass-cumload-fraternity-boys-014-gay-porn-sex-gallery-pics-video-photo Read the full story here

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FraternityX: All day drinking all day gay sex gang bang

FraternityX says: During a recent all day and night binge we got word Benny, this kid from ASU was talking shit about our frat. We decided to grab him off the street, and take him back to the house. At first we thought he was a total pussy, and we would have to tie the bitch up. But this kid, was so cock hungry!

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He ended up taking all of our dicks, and that wasn’t even close to enough. We fucked him forever. The video is over an hour of pure hot FraternityX gangbang action!

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Note from FraternityX – We usually shoot our videos during or after parties when were totally trashed. But these boys are starting to like it 24/7. Jose and Bently say its just for the money but we all know its cause they love cock. Get this video at FraternityX! Read the full story here

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