Landon Conrad and Marcus Isaacs

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Landon Conrad and Marcus Isaacs

Cocksure Men says: Landon Conrad’s and Marcus Isaacs make out by the bed. Marcus licks Landon’s bulging biceps and armpits. Marcus’ tongue slides down Landon’s pits to his hairy chest, his happy trail, and rock hard cock.


Landon helps Marcus to his feet then throws him on to the bed. Landon kisses Marcus’ hairy chest and abs, then sucks his thick prick. Landon throws Marcus’ legs back and digs his tongue into Marcus’ hairy ass.


He gets Marcus on all fours and continues licking his sexy hole. Marcus lays on his back and takes Landon’s thick cock deep inside. Landon pumps his dick into Marcus’ tight hole while the moaning gets louder and louder.


Landon lays on his back and Marcus slowly sits on his rock hard cock. Soon he’s riding Landon hard. Marcus gets on all fours and Landon fucks him doggy style. Marcus Isaacs lays on his back again.


Landon plows him until Marcus shoots his load onto his hairy abs. Landon Conrad pulls out and shoots a thick load on Marcus’ cock and balls. Both studs, now covered in sweat, bend over for a kiss.





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Naked Men Big Dicks
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