Hairy tattooed hunk Derek Parker fucked by Jimmy Durano

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Hothouse says: The very sexy hairy tattooed hunk Derek Parker doesn’t appreciate Jimmy Durano calling him a dick. He yanks Jimmy down off a ladder, whips out his big erect cock, and shoves it into Jimmy’s mouth and far down his throat.

That’ll keep him quiet for now. Jimmy shows off his cock sucking skills, giving Derek one hell of a juicy wet blow job, covering Derek’s thick dick with gobs of gooey spit.

Derek shoves Jimmy up against the wall and strips him out of his workman’s utility belt he wants to wrap his lips around Jimmy’s legendary tool.

He goes down on him until Jimmy decides to show Derek who’s boss so he bends him over and plows this bottom boy’s ass hard. Derek on all fours with his man hole in pole position allows Jimmy full access to mount him and fuck him deeper and harder.

The two rampant men fuck like crazy for ages, sapping every ounce of pent up sexual energy. Then Jimmy pulls his cock out of Derek’s sore ass hole and blows a huge cum load.

Derek then stands up and orders Jimmy to squeeze his nipples while he jacks off and shoots his load all over the pair.

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Naked Men Big Dicks
Naked Men Big Dicks
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