Hot straight young British dude Jasper Hale jerks his huge uncut cock to a massive orgasm

English Lads says: Jasper Hale is a young man introduced to us through Cameron, he started off slightly shy and wasn’t sure he should be taking off his boxers, but once he became relaxed he sort of warmed to being naked and then once his uncut cock was in his hand he couldn’t take his hands off it.

Don’t you love straight men who don’t want to show their naked bodies and then once they do, you can’t get their clothes back on them.

Jasper is real hairy, legs, chest and check out that hairy hole and once he has pumped his uncut cock for a while he shoots a nice load into the fuzz. Read the full story here

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Sexy naked British young man Toni Filip strips and jerks his big uncut cock

English Lads says: Toni Filip is a lean, fit young straight guy who modelled for us on FitYoungMen and was happy showing a bit more! He’s a handsome guy, been working out a bit and looks good naked.

He strips out of his sports kit and gets his uncut cock hard, playing with it and showing himself off, and flipping over to his front to show off his bum.

Filip pulls apart his cheeks and shows his lightly hairy hole, before laying back and jerking himself more, bringing himself to orgasm and shooting over his tensed abs. Read the full story here

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Eddie Branson jerks his huge 8 inch uncut dick to a massive load of muscle boy cum

English Lads says: Eddie Branson is a fine specimen, he trained in special forces and now acts a body guard and today he strips off his clothes and shows us his big pecs and muscular legs and lets us admire his big uncut cock.

He is 8 inches when erect and this cheeky young man loves playing with it so most of the shoot you see him rock hard. He is blond and his body is covered in a light fuzz and just a hint round his hole.

He plays around with his uncut cock and lies back and shoots a nice load of cum on his abs. Well done Eddie, will you come on a tour. Read the full story here

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Straight boys suck dick Cameron Donald, Wesley Seaton, Aaron Janes and Tyler Hirst


English Lads says: Four straight men and its all started with an art class. Cameron Donald is the life model and Tyler Hirst, Aaron Janes and Wesley Seaton are busy drawing him.

The drawing goes ok until the lads are requiring more “package” so Tyler comes up to Cameron and pops a banana in his boxers.

Before you know it Aaron is pulling down Cameron’s boxers and Tyler is filling his mouth giving Cameron a great blow job.

Royal Marines special training has taught Tyler a few neat tongue tricks and judging by Cameron’s rock hard erection, Tyler is amazing at giving head. Read the full story here

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Straight hung muscle boy Tom Sutcliffe strips naked and jerks his 9 inch uncut cock

English Lads says: Tom Sutcliffe is young man with a surprise. Not only is he very tall and muscular and weighs in at over 90 kgs, but he has another generous asset.

As his clothes come off your eye cant miss one massive uncut cock, he is 6 inches when soft and when it grows its around 9 inches and 7 inches round. Not just a very long uncut cock, but one of the thickest I have ever seen.

Tom also has that knack of being able to get naked and get an instant erection, his cock going from soft to rock hard in just a matter of seconds. Read the full story here

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Jack Windsor and Josh Perry


English Lads says: Jack Windsor is a young straight man who judging at how hard his uncut cock gets he is enjoying all the attention that he gets from Josh Perry, who can’t believe his luck at getting his hands on this straight hunk.

Josh is enjoying kissing and rubbing Jack’s cock, the two of them are really horny and Josh does a great job at sucking on Jack’s super big uncut meat. The lads end up in a sixty nine and before long Josh is pulling on a condom down Jack’s big one.

He lies back and gets a real good fucking from Jack, real deep and hard and Josh just loves it taking it in lots of positions before he cant hold back shooting on his abs, while Jack continues pumping. Jack then pulls out and dump his load on Josh’s chest, before Josh sucks the last drops off Jack’s cock. Two horny lad in some hot sex. Read the full story here

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Sneak Peek Barclay Graham’s huge uncut cock sucked by Chris Little then they swap

English Lads says: Barclay Graham couldn’t have been paired with any better tutor than naughty Chris Little, he loves getting fucked and is pretty good at helping Barclay along his journey and making it possible for not only to fuck his first guy, but also kiss.

Bother lads seem to have hard cocks nearly every second and Barclay gets into a great rhythm and gives Chris a right good fucking. Barclay is not just long, around 8 inches but also thick at just over 6 round.

As you can see Chris can’t get enough of it and as usual when he has a nice big cock up his ass he cums and cums with real force. Well done Barclay. Read the full story here

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Sneak Peek Logan Hardy shoots a huge load while Sam Hansworth is still in him


English Lads says: Logan Hardy is a young straight lad who over the last shoot proved that he was against having his hole played with so he’s progressing fast and we’ve got two big steps in this shoot Logan gets fucked for the first time, and Sam Hansworth, the straight lad we’ve partnered him with, gets to fuck his first guy.

It’s a great match, the two hit it off and are stripped down quick, showing off their fit bodies, Sam is leaner, but Logan is more muscley. Both seem to have instantly hard cocks, just how we like them. Read the full story here

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Otto Davies is tall and lightly hairy with a big uncut cock that gets solid with little encouragement

English Lads says: Young lad Otto Davies is incredibly fit, he’s muscular but lean with it, and has the most ripped body and the most incredible set of abs.

He’s tall and lightly hairy, and his uncut cock gets solid with little encouragement and before I know it he’s sat on a stool, naked and with a massive boner.

He plays with it, and films himself wanking too, also getting on all fours and showing off his lightly hairy hole, so very tempting.

He brings himself to orgasm, slowly teasing to the edge, when he unloads a massive lad over his tight ripped abs and hands. Read the full story here

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